Yankee Candle Store Haul

Who loves Yankee candles? I would say there are quite a lot of us out there.  I think they are long lasting with a great range of scents.  While out shopping at Brent Cross Shopping Centre I noticed a new Yankee Candle store opened and it looked so inviting I had to go in for a nosey. It was a double store that you could go between the two with one side more the new range and full price products and the other side for sale items and quirky products like the Footed Tumbler Candles including the barber shop range. 


I had a good look around the store but like most I do love a bargain and there was a sale on a couldn't refuse.  Large Jar candles are usually £21.99 , with medium jars £18.99 and there were selected jars for half price, with a  further offer of 3 for 2.  


  I love to burn candles at the bottom of the hall downstairs and one in the bathroom so with this offer I thought I might as well stock up and purchased three large jars and three medium jars.  I also bought a jar topper and some wax melts.


One of my favorite scent purchases was Gingerbread Maple.. The amazing smell of baking spices and the warm fragrance of cloves, a touch of maple, giving you the sense of gingerbread cooling on cookie sheets... Yum!

I also got some favorites of sparkling cinnamon and cranberry ice.  The cinnamon is always lovely at Christmas but to be honest it's a scent that I love all year round and cranberry ice is a lovely fruity clean smell that I love in the bathroom.


Two more candles that I thought I would give a go, the first being Bundle up, a fresh clean scent that reminds you of cosey warm clothing. A touch of citrus adds to the feeling crisp layers of fresh linen. The next was Christmas Garland, a lush aroma of fresh-cut pine and zesty cranberries. Although these were both defiantly seasonal scents I thought they would be lovely in the months between January and March as its can still be quite cold and miserable and these scents create a warm inviting atmosphere.

For a nice touch I purchased a Jar topper in brushed sliver with a lovely swirl design .  I have had the umbrella and stand before but thought that a topper would be different.  It really does make a difference to the Jar as you can see from the photos below.  Totally love this item. It was full price at £6.99.

I love the wax melts and I think these are the best for long lasting aroma.  Some wax melts were on sale at the price of 75p and these usually cost £1.49 so I got some of these at this fantastic sale price.

Overall I would say that this was a great haul! Considering it was supposed to cost around £140 ended up costing around £52! What a fantastic saving! I would advice anyone who loves Yankee to get down to a store and get some in at these amazing prices.  Not all the scents I have mentioned are left on the online store but there are still quite a few available in stores.

Love Purple Poodle x

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