Collectif Clothing, London.

Collectif is one of my favourite stores.  It's vintage alternative style is right up my street, with good sizing and an excellent range to suit all,  filled with 40s and 50s style dresses, skirts, jackets, amazing shoes and accessories.  The store I visited was situated at Spitalfields Market, London.  It is so beautifully merchandised with fantastic staff that are there to help pick out pieces and accessorise your outfit.

Upstairs in Collectif

Downstairs at Collectif

The outside of the store had a beautiful mannequin display with rails of clothes with the corresponding outfits. The colours were on point for spring and summer with pastel pinks and turquoise. Inside the store has an amazing vintage feel like you had been transported back in time, not only the clothing but with the sale assistants also dressed in vintage attire.  You get a warm and welcoming feeling with a lovely atmosphere.

With upstairs for clothing, accessories and the till point, the downstairs had more clothing to look at and an amazing fitting room area. The fitting rooms are a great size and because it is downstairs it feels more intimate. You feel you can open the curtain and walk around in your outfit. You can also get fantastic help and feedback from the Collectif Staff.

Collectif Staff

I was looking for a new petticoat to go with my Dolores Doll Cherry Stem dress.  When I wore this dress before I had a black petticoat and I thought this time I would go for red  for a pop of colour.  I also wanted to get a jacket or coat as I am going to a wedding in April, back home in Belfast and no doubt it will be cold. I wanted something dressy and appropriate to finish the look.  I spied a beautiful Black dress coat (now sold out).  It was on sale which made it even better! I had my Dolores dress with me so I decided to take these items down to the changing room to try on the look.  The staff were so helpful.   I already have the Debbie patent cherry bag in cream but the collectif girls told me it also comes in black and I got way too excited! It went perfectly with the outfit and really finished the look.  I couldn't believe I was this lucky to get sorted out so quickly but with excellent choice and staff it was so easy to get the look I wanted for the Wedding.

I am so excited now to wear this outfit.  I always feel dressy and individual in Collectif wear and I love the 40s/50s vibe.  All I need to do now is get my hair dyed a more vibrant red and rock one of my 50s Rolls in my hair with long glam curls.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Collectif also have a website that you can check out below.


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  1. Love your style!
    Especially the pin-up look, xx


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