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MUA make up academy professional is an affordable brand with amazing beauty products. I decided to do a blog post on MUA to see if a budget brand can really live up to the hype. I went for a broad range of products so I could do a full  face of make up to see if I could get a luxury look for under £20. 

The first product I picked up was the MUA skin define hydro foundation, enriched with vitamin E and jojoba. I got this in the colour Ivory. Whilst swatching this product I noticed that it had quite a nice smell for a foundation. It was quite silky, smooth,  hydrating and had a light to medium coverage. I do think that this foundation is quite buildable to get up to a medium coverage.

The next product I lifted were some eyeshadows.  I got a trio of eyeshadows called innocence, It consisted of three set shimmer shades ranging from a nude highlight shade to a define and line dark shade. I also picked up two separate eyeshadows one in the colour chamoisee and the other colour platinum.  Chamoisee  is a shimmer copper/brown shade and platinum is a shimmer silver shade. I am a real fan of shimmer eyeshadow. I found these eyeshadows were rather pigmented and long lasting.

The next item I purchased was the MUA pro base matte satin pressed powder. I got this in the shade ivory. This powder was lovely on the skin and the finish was quite silky. The product had great coverage. I found the powder was really great on the T-zone area. It definitely got rid of any shiny, especially during the day for touch ups.

The next item I got was the bronze and sculpt contour kit MUA lux range. This was an item that I hadn't seen before when I was previously shopping in Superdrug. The packaging is a bit more luxurious. I couldn't get the light to medium colour so I ended up getting the medium to dark. This duel bronzing compact is perfect for contouring or just building up after tanning. When you open up this product it has a handy mirror and there are two separate compartments. One has the darker matte shade at the bottom and the top has the highlighter shade. I really love the look of this product and for £5 it is a pure beauty bargain.

The last item I purchased was the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter. I got this in iridescent gold. It really does remind me of some of the more luxurious brand highlighters. I have to say that this highlighter for a budget price of £3.50 looks absolutely stunning. This highlighter is definitely buildable

I was so impressed with the MUA range. I think that for under £20 you get really excellent
make up, with a lovely medium coverage. The eyeshadows that are complete winners with such great pigmentation and the bronze and sculpt contour kit is definitely a must buy item. It is a beautiful piece of make up kit and it's definitely something that I will buy again.

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All Photography by Laura Joss


  1. have to admit that this highlighter looks stunning

    1. It really was such a find! Really would recommend it! Thanks for the comment 😀


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