Vintage style in your home for less.....

Anyone who know me knows I love everything vintage! Whether it is vintage hair, clothing, accessories or home interiors, I just love it!!  You can get a vintage look in your home without spending a fortune on antique vintage goods.  I started to pick things up at craft fairs, some items at vintage stores, Home Sense, TKmaxx and even Primark! It doesn’t matter on the shop as long as it’s the right item for your home.  Items that have really helped create a vintage look in my home have been reproduction vintage tin and wooden signs, fabric prints, paintings and ornaments.

Vintage styling can add a bit of life and character into a room and it doesnt have to cost you a fortune. I have different vintage elements around my home which I will be blogging about to give you ideas and tips on how u can create some vintage flare around the home without breaking the bank.

I am going to start with the kitchen, the heart of any home. Lets face it we all spend alot of time in the kitchen weather you like too or not! hehee! So if we are, then why not make it funky and interesting to be in. This can be done in many different ways. Here are three main things to look at....

1. Wall art or signage - I am a huge fan or reproduction vintage signs. Dont get me wrong I would love original vintage signs but they cost a fortune!!  I picked up some replica's at a market but you can easily get them online. They are quirky and fun and add to the vintage vibe.

2. Decorate your fridge - you dont just have to put on tacky magnets. Infact magnets are quiet cool now esp with ones you pick up on holiday and ones with slogans and signs. Make a feature of that fridge door


3. Kitchen appliances- Again you dont have to spend a fortune as you can get great own brand appliances in many good stores. I did have a complete Purple set out of Next but when we bought a Dualit cream and stainless steel coffee maker, we decided it was time for new appliances we completed the Dualit set. I love the design. It has a modern vintage look if you get what I mean. I also have to say the Dualit products themselves are fantastic.  Great buy!


Below are some of the items I got when shopping at Home Sense! They sell some fantastic homewares at a discounted prices.  I got some items for my kitchen, hall, office and bedroom.Some Replica tin signs, tin retro kitchen storage, books and ornaments.

Home Sense had some Fab items and remember it is all designer goods at discount prices.  The Great British Bake off Tine was £8 and I got it for £4.99. I have already baked a Ginger cake in it and it was fab! The Tin had a clasp at side to remove the side of the tin which is so handy to remove the cake in the cooling process.  The LEON books were on sale at £2.99 each! Such a bargain in the clearance section! ( I love a bargain!! )

                 Woman's Weekly Retro Favourites Book was again another bargain at £4.99 in the clearance section. A fab book about old and new recipes.


                 Amazing Vintage Style tin storage solutions. Amazing items with a vintage vibe

      Replica Tin Sign ... £7 cute pastel colours to match the other kitchen items.

       One of my favourite finds a ceramic Owl £5.00 so cute to go with my existing owl collections. 


French bulldog ornament for my office £ 7.99

     Replica Tin sign for the bedroom to go above the vintage turntable

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your home .

Thanks for reading

Purple Poodle xx

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