Valentines day


An alternative valentines day...

Francis and me

Its the most wonderful day full of love and romance, but is Valentines Day losing its meaning with todays society over commeralising it all?  This year my husband Francis and I decided no cards and no presents,  but instead to do something were the two of us would enjoy, spend some quality time together and make some memories.

1964 Steam Train


We went to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  A fab choice as I love trains (yes I am a train nerd lol) and Francis enjoys going to places that have historical interest.  It was a crisp cold but bright Valentines day and with the centre only an hour away from the house it was an enjoyable drive,  chatting and listing to music.

The Buckinghamshire Railway centre had many different elements to suit all.  A museum, bookshop, gift shop, indoor and outdoor displays. A miniature railway and full railway.  The tickets we booked was for the Steam day, so I was very excited to be able to do go on a steam train! We took our time going around the centre taking photos in turn, chatting and looking at all the amazing displays. It was such a lovely relaxing day.

Crazy Ponytail and windy weather!

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It was amazing to see so many items in the museum and how the railway developed.  Also all the work and restoration in keeping the trains running.  You felt like you were transported in time.



The Stream train we got to go on was a 1964 steamer with a 1963 first class carriage. The first thing I thought of was Harry Potter,  as it was the exact style of train that was in the movie.  It was magical and just being on the train for a short time gave you a sense of wonder.  I really want to go on a longer steam train journey.  I think it is so romantic and relaxing.  Most of all we had so much fun.


First class

hope you enjoyed reading this post


Purple Poodle



Converse (alternate version):

Topshop last season

Kin by John Lewis (out of stock) alternate

Bag pom pom: (only in grey)



All Original photography by Laura Joss and Francis Joss

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