Pregnancy - First and second trimester

A little miracle happened at the end of May 2016... we found out we were PREGNANT! Francis and I are totally over the moon! The whole road to pregnancy was a journey and a half but we finally got that fabulous news that at last we were going to be parents. 

 I have been very blessed with amazing consultants that have helped bring me to this stage in my life and I feel very lucky. The First trimester was probably the longest 12 weeks of our lives but then we got to have our first scan and see that our baby was developing well, so active and even waved to us. It was a magical day! Baby is due Feb 6th 2017.

The first trimester wasn't too bad.. I thankfully didn't have morning sickness but I was very nauseous at times.  My body was going though lots of hormonal changes which affected my skin.  I did get pregnancy acne for awhile and dry skin.  In other blogs I will talk about products that helped me during this time!

Above: Baby Joss - 12 week scan

The second trimester was pretty amazing.  Its unreal going from feeling little flutters in the first trimester , and that changing to taps and then kicks in the second trimester.  I have had some brilliant midwifes , GP and consultant appointments and the 20 week scan was such an amazing experience.

Getting bigger

Yes all that body changing stuff is defiantly happening.   Bump is all to the front and so cute! There have been difficult times don't get me wrong when going though stages of stretching and making room for baby , I call those preggo days lol. It will usually be a day or two at a time and then settle.. All normal and just something you get used too.  Thankfully my own movement with my AS is really good and my back hasn't been too bad so I have been really lucky.

Baby Movement

wow the movement really does get magical at this time.  From taps, kicks, rolls to belly moving stuff its crazy how active baby gets. You notice a pattern of movement and babies sleeping pattern. Its a lovely thing to enjoy and get you excited at the fact that baby is getting bigger and stronger.  It is also lovely for your partner to feel the baby move it really is some lovely moments to enjoy together and with family and friends.

20 week scan
I remember sitting outside in the waiting room and Francis and I just looking at each other with the exact same thoughts. That cross between pure excitement and being a bit anxious as this was a huge deal. With this scan they were really looking at everything to see that baby is developing correctly and although everything had been going great you cant help but worry.  We were very lucky as we had two sonographers, one being in training so our scan lasted a little longer so we really got to spend time with baby and it was amazing.  It is a longer scan anyway with all the checks they have to do.. Thankfully baby was great! Everything normal and we felt very relieved and blessed.  Of course baby was so active so that also added to the struggle of them checking everything but it was a joy to see on screen.  We also had the exciting moment of finding out the sex of the baby! All we truly wanted was a healthy baby .. at first I really thought I was having a boy then everyone convinced me it was a girl.. id even been looking at girl things saying to myself if I find out its a girl I will be going and buying this! Then low and behold we found out ... It was a BOY! Honestly was in shock! I have to say it really is an overwhelming feeling to find out what your having. In the long run we have been so happy we found out as a lot of the unisex clothing was either girlie or boyish, so at least we could shop for boy items. This was also very handy as some items we wanted only came in pink or blue! so Blue it is!

Above: One very active Baby Joss! 20 week scan

Baby prep

Baby prep has been fully underway. Not only the start of buying in all the products you will need for baby but doing house prep also.  It is the perfect time to look at the house and realise that maybe you need to do a clear out or change some rooms around to make the house work for you a lot better.  It most defiantly is a work in progress and takes time. That's why its good to start in the second trimester so your not leaving everything to the last minute and it doesn't get too much for you. I have to say baby prepping has been so much fun. A real joint effort that is exciting and fun. I will have a more detailed blog post into the baby prepping we have completed.

Above: Jane Epic Travel system

Above: Ordering baby goods.. I heart Amazon lol

Above: Ikea shopping trip for some baby storage.

Above: Baby clothing storage and changing top

Above: Lovely baby gifts - the Lamaze Freddie the firefly gym and Ewan the dream sheep

Above: Just some of clothes that we have bought and have been gifted! One spoilt baby


Above: Bedroom prep.. work in progress but really pleased so far. We completely moved the room around to create a space for baby. We got ourselves new bedding and curtains to make the room more neutral. For more storage we purchased more Kallax units from Ikea.
Midwife appointments/GP jabs

Midwife appointments are so important. Its great to have a chat on how things are going and the perfect time to ask questions even if you feel they are silly.. get peace of mind! Midwifes are doing a vital job checking on your blood pressure and baby checks - heartbeat and bump measurement.  I have been very lucky to have a couple of midwifes looking after me and baby.  They have all been so helpful and a great resource.

Consultant appointment
I have also had a antenatal consultant looking after baby and I due to my heath conditions.  They wanted to keep a check on progress and as I have to come off my Humira injections in the third trimester it was imperative to keep an eye and see how I would cope with the pregnancy.  I have felt very lucky to have a great team supporting me thought out pregnancy and thankfully I have been coping really well. 
Maternity wear
As the months go on the one thing you want is comfort! I wore a lot of maxi dresses in my first trimester with it being the summer so it was very comfortable. In my second trimester I really relied on ASOS. I found it easy to get affordable maternity wear that was modern and on trend.  I got some lovely maternity Jeans and tops.  When the weather turned I was also able to get a lovely maternity coat.  I did get some items in Mothercare like leggings and underwear but the majority of my clothes shopping was from ASOS and I would really recommend it!

Above: Navy high neck top and grey Jeans - ASOS , Striped Maxi - ASOS, Green top and blue skinny jeans- ASOS

                                   Above: Green maxi and Floral Maxi - Primark

                           Above: ASOS maternity coat and Printed black tee - Amazon
Above: Striped tunic top - ASOS, grey leggings - Mothercare , Red Christmas Jumper and black leggings - Mothercare
So I hope this has given you an insight to my pregnancy so far! It sure has been busy but really exciting. Im working on some blogs about products that have helped me during pregnancy and an update on the third trimester and how things are going.
Lots of love
Purple Poodle and Bump xx


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