My 2017 Goals

Become a mum

3 weeks to go until D day lol I cant believe I am 37 weeks pregnant! It has honestly been the quickest 9 months ever and I cant wait to be a mum for the first time.  It is a daunting prospect and I know it will be filled will challenges but bring it on! 2017 defiantly is bringing change but I cant wait for this new chapter in my life to start and to do it all with the most amazing supportive Hubby ever! I am very lucky.  This year I will definably blog some of my baby trials and tribulations but don't worry im not going to be a full time mummy blogger describing every time the baby blinks lol.  I still love my make-up , reviews, fashion and more and will continue to have a varied blog.

Get my Driving test

I was practically ready to do my test last year.  A lot was going on at the time and then I got pregnant  didn't feel comfortable to continue.  A goal for 2017 is to get driving asap! I know it will give me more freedom to travel and make life easier with a little one.  So as soon as I give birth and get settled and into a bit of a routine .. let the driving lessons commence!

Travel Home

I haven't been home to Belfast since August.  It had been so strange not seeing my family for that long as I would of went home every couple of months.  I am really looking forward to getting home this year! We have provisionally booked a trip home in April to introduce baby to the family. That will in total be 8 months since I was last in Belfast so it will be such a good trip, no doubt an emotional one for me.  I do love living in London but the only downside is being away from family. So more trips home are defiantly on the cards for 2017.


Get to the Beach

Now when I say get to the Beach I don't mean a tropical island somewhere.  This year is going to be kept simple with babies arrival. We will get in trips home and aim for a holiday abroad next year. In saying that I need to get to a Beach this year! I miss living close to the water so much and living in London you miss the coast! So weather it is Southend - on - sea or Brighton, we will be making a trip this Summer! Bring on the Fish and chips!


Travel into London more

With pregnancy brought fatigue and the thought of getting the train and tube didn't really appeal after awhile.  This year I am really looking forward to getting some trips into London. Some mate dates are on the cards and of course shopping trips.  I also want to bring baby to London and have that experience. Im sure it will be hectic but it will be fun.  London is such an amazing City with so much to do, I feel lucky to live so close to it.


Try something new

Now when I say try something new I have no idea what that it yet.  I don't know if it will be some kind of hobby or interest (if I find the time) but I feel with every new year we all have great intentions of being different or trying something different.  One thing I really wanted to try last year was video editing, trying to do some Vlogs (video diary) or something. Maybe this year I will work on that! With the arrival of baby it would be nice to get some video keepsakes and be able to edit them.  So watch this space

Be Happy, Healthy and Positive

No matter what you have to have a few mantras on the go. I think my favourite of last year was Keep er lit.. a saying from back home really .. keep going! At the end of the day you are the only one who can control your mood or your outlook.  My health has been one of those tricky ones for a couple of years but you have to keep er lit .. stay positive and in the end you get there eventually.  I felt very blessed in 2016 to get pregnant. It has been one huge learning curve and an amazing experience.  So for 2017 I wish you all happiness, health and positivity for the New year and I hope you reach your own personal goals.  The year its what YOU make of it .. so make it a good one.


Lots of Love

Purple Poodle xx

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