Baby Prep - fun and scary all at the same time!!

Oh my god... the amount of things you need to have ready for baby is unreal! I have to say its so much fun shopping for baby stuff but at the same time can be a little overwhelming just organising all the essentials you must have before baby arrives. You really have to take your time and not jump in at the first cute item you see, as some of those items you are going to use for awhile and you want to make sure you pick the right item that suits you! Don't go with what's popular at the time or something you have seen a celeb use.. its tempting but could end up being a useless purchase!

Pram/ Travel system

We looked at lots of different travel systems. At first we loved the Mama's and Papa's Urbo 2 , for its modern look and lightweight capabilities.  We then looked at the Oyster 2 , a lovely modern travel system and preferred the chassis and wheels on this pram.  Then we found the Jane Epic! This really had everything! It has a higher set seating position so I wont have to bend down low to get to baby. It is also lightweight and you are able to get an item called the Matrix light 2 - a carrycot/car seat combined! This means that when we travel with baby, he can travel in the sitting position or lying down in the car.  This will be great for baby when we travel home to Belfast. With this we can also install the Isofix base into the car making it easy to click the car seat in and out.


                               Above Left: Mamas and Papas Urbo 2   Above Right: Oyster 2

Above: Jane Epic Travel System with the Matrix Light 2


I love IKEA and until we move house and baby has a room to itself we opted for IKEA furniture to start.  IKEA do a great range in many price bands to suit all.  We wanted to keep it simple so opted for white and grey for colour.  We purchased a Malm chest of drawers as we seen a great IKEA hack to make it into a baby changer also.  We got the set of 4 drawers. I like the Malm range as it is nice and tall, with big drawers in it. We also got some drawer dividers so we could so little boxes of hats, bibs, vest etc. We purchased a Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin to go beside it, which will be really handy. We also got some Kallax tall units and put some of the Drona boxes in for extra storage as we already have a lot of clothing items, some we bought and others gifted to us, so the more storage the better.  We re arranged the kitchen already to see were we would fit the Tommie tippee equipment and make room for baby milk etc. We have really worked on the house to clear areas for certain items , like room for the pram and room for the baby crib etc.  It is all things like this that make it a lot easier when the baby arrives... being organised is key!

 Above: IKEA Malm chest of drawers and the Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin

Above: IKEA Kallax units with Drona Boxes

Clothes and accessories

We have been very lucky already receiving some lovely clothes and accessories from family and friends.  It is a great start to have in all the essentials from vests, sleep suits, hats, bib etc... We have also purchased some lovely baby outfits and themed items. Francis travelled to America and got some cool baby purchases, pieces that were really different.  Clothing wise I would say we are definitely set for babies arrival.






                                     Above: Just some of the lovely baby clothes we have


We have went with the Tommie Tippee sterilisation starter kit that comes with the steriliser, bottles, bottle warmer, cleaning brush etc.  We also got the Tommie Tippee Milk Prep machine, as I know already that im not allowed to breastfeed because of the medication I am on so we decided to get this prep machine that will help in the preparation on bottles. It gets amazing reviews! A friend also got us the Tommie Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer, which will be so handy when out and about with baby.  The flask keeps the water warm enough to warm two bottles and its compact and handy when on the go.  I think I will also get some Dr. Browns bottles in just to have a mixture to see what baby likes and so far formula wise after a lot of research I think we are going to try Aptamil first infant milk breastmilk substitute.


                     Above: Tommee Tippee Milk prep machine and the Tommee Tippee Steriliser


We have been lucky to get the Joss baby crib over from Belfast. Its beautiful and will go upstairs beside us.  We got some lovely crib bedding, lots of sheets etc to make it cosy and pretty. For downstairs we decided to get the Chicco Lulla go Crib.  I was looking at the next to me crib but I don't need that function of taking the side down and when I found the Lulla go crib it was perfect! It is exactly the same shape and size.  We got it in Grey, nice and simple to go downstairs.  The amazing thing about this crib is that it folds down into a bag as a travel crib so it will be fantastic for going home with baby.  The crib is for 0-6 months.

Above: Joss Family Crib

Above: Chicco Lulla go Crib
I hope this has given you a more in depth look at some of the baby prepping we have done. Thank you to our family and friends for your help and gifts. It means a lot! It is still a work in progress with a few more d├ęcor bits to do and some items to set up but should be sorted by the end of this week as I only have 26 days to go!! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of Love

Purple Poodle xx


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