High End Beauty Products - Worth the hype?

DIOR DIORIFIC High Fashion Lipstick - Diorama

I love the Diorific Range. It personifies luxury.  This Diorific lipstick captures the Dior spirit of extreme luxury, with a deep, rich colour. The Lipstick has a rich texture, with an intense, long–lasting colour.  I went for the colour Diorama. A deep red. Lovely for a night out or special occasion. Not only is the product superb but the gold casing makes it so special.


DIOR DIORIFIC Vernis Nail Lacquer - Gold


I love the Dior Diorific Nail Lacquer.  It not only comes in a beautiful bottle but the product is amazing.  It is long lasting and gives a professional finish.  I will defiantly be getting more colours. They are so worth the money.

DIOR Show Iconic Overcurl Mascara Make-up Gift Set


I really wanted to try a high end Mascara and got this beautiful gift for Christmas.  The Dior show Iconic Overcurl Mascara is a fantastic product.  It really lives up to its name overcurl.  It extends the lash and gives great definition. In the set you also got a mini version of the DIOR 5 COULEURS DESIGNER All In One Artistry Palette Eyeshadow.  These colours are amazing for an everyday look and you get a whole mini palette with a base, colour, shade, shine and liner. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and long wearing.  I really want to invest in a large version of this with a different colour range.
Charlotte Tilbury - Luxury Palette -  The Vintage Vamp - colour-coded eyeshadows

1. Prime 2. Enhance 3. Pop 4. Smoke



Vintage vamp is a great description, it's very easy to obtain either a very gentle day look that is elegant, or full on vamp. The eyeshadows are so soft and very comfortable to wear. They are pigmented and very easy to blend. I like the four step application of  Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke. The packaging is beautiful and I have been very impressed with any Charlotte Tilbury I have used so far. 

Charlotte Tilbury - The Vintage Vamp Lip Look


Lip Cheat - Savage Rose - Lip liner
 Lip cheat is a rich, velvety lip liner that glides effortlessly over the lips and has the power to completely re-shape, re-size and balance your lips.  This lip liner can smooth over texture for a seamless line. It is waterproof and lasts up to 6 hours so your lips keep their shape and don’t smudge. I really love this lip liner. I feel that lip liner is a key element for the perfect lip look and with the combination of the lip cheat liner and the kissing lipstick I really did achieve a fantastic long lasting lip look.
Kissing - Night Crimson - Lipstick

K.I.S.S.I.N.G is a range of 10 lipsticks created with modern and classic icons in mind. The range varies from nudes to red carpet reds made to suit any skin tone. Perfect for a full lip. It is long lasting , very moisturising on the lip with staying power that really lasts especially if you are out to dinner or drinks.  Again the packaging is beautiful.

Lip Lustre - Unleash me - Lip Gloss

  LIP LUSTRE is a super luxe, high-gloss lacquer that gives your lips a brilliant mirror-shine finish, creating the illusion of a 3-dimensional, voluptuous pout. Lip lustre adds a creamy texture to your entire lips to plump, boost and coat. I usually do not like lip gloss as I can find them sticky with no staying power but this product has really changed my mind.  Yes when you apply you have a high sheen but it seemed to almost have a quality of a lip stain.  It actually withstood dinner and when I went to the ladies to check I was still looking ok I couldn't believe that the product was in place with a rich colour and only needed minimal re application. I also found the product hydrating and really helped my lips over Christmas to keep dryness away.

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Foundation and Double Wear
Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup

The Cushion stick polishes and evens skintone for a healthy looking glow. It is the perfect product if you have any skin problems as it is skin-loving, weightless and comfortable.  This Double Wear formula instantly hydrates and can last up to 8 hours.  I tried this product when I got a flare of pregnancy acne and dry skin.  I found the heavier formula Double wear foundation actually was showing up the acne more and I really needed my skin to breathe. This Nude Cushion Stick was the answer.  It is lightweight but still gave amazing coverage.  I was so pleased and happy, It made me feel really good when I thought I was at a loss with my skin! I would highly recommend this product!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

 Now if you want a foundation that will last for a full day of work or play this is the foundation for you.  It keeps skin looking fabulous, breathing comfortably through heat, humidity and activity without changing colour or fading. It has a natural matte finish and SPF10 sunscreen to protect skin. This foundation is perfect for a special event like a wedding to achieve a flawless finish with staying power. 
Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Powder Makeup SPF 14.

I use this powder to give my skin a flawless finish after using any of the above foundations applying with a face powder brush. It has 8-hour staying power. This powder makeup stays fresh, looks natural and won`t change colour, even through non-stop activity. It glides on silky smooth, has staying power without feeling dry. It is defiantly Oil-absorbing. This powder is also oil-free and fragrance-free. It is my favourite powder ever! I use it daily with never any caking problems that you may find with other powders.
Estee Lauder- Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau Du Parfum Spray
As you can see from the half bottle above I love this perfume. It is rich in scent with Fruity, Floral, Oriental notes. It is described as Extroverted, Glamorous, Sophisticated. A sexy, provocative contrast of two distinctively different accords - rich roses awakened by ripe fruits.  I would say this is a sophisticated scent and perfect for the evening.  It is rich, luxurious and long lasting.  Since it release it has been a favourite of mine and I will always have this in my perfume collection.
KAT VON D - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
The life-proof lipstick that will not wear off!  You really can eat and drink with the comfort of knowing your lips are going to stay flawless through it all! The everlasting liquid range comes in 28 shades. This creamy formula glides over lips like a gloss and sets to a matte finish. It truly has an amazing high-pigment colour that lasts all day.  It also lives up to Kats 100% Cruelty Free lifestyle. If I had to pick my go to lip range this is the one.  It is so easy to apply and really has true staying power.  Kats range is amazing and you can see her passion for creating quality make up products.  You don't even need a lip liner which I found surprising. You can create definition with the applicator and get great results.

 JO MALONE English Pear and Freesia Cologne

This high end cologne is the essence of autumn. The freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Jo Malone create long lasting individual scents for all.  The whole experience of the store is amazing and you feel you can really find a scent that is personal to you.  This is my favourite.  It is a rich scent, long lasting and brings back amazing memories of Christmas from a couple of years ago when I first received some Jo Malone as a gift.  Yes it is an expensive, high end cologne but as they say you get what you pay for and Jo Malone is worth every penny.  Even this small bottle will last as you don't need to spray a lot as you would with a budget or high street designer brand.  If you want to splurge .. get yourself some Jo Malone and enjoy!

So are these High End Brands worth the Hype?  The answer is of course... YES!  You really do get what you pay for and I honestly don't have one negative comment for any of these products. They all have amazing qualities and you really do feel amazing wearing them.

I hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of Love

Purple Poodle xx

My 2017 Goals

Become a mum

3 weeks to go until D day lol I cant believe I am 37 weeks pregnant! It has honestly been the quickest 9 months ever and I cant wait to be a mum for the first time.  It is a daunting prospect and I know it will be filled will challenges but bring it on! 2017 defiantly is bringing change but I cant wait for this new chapter in my life to start and to do it all with the most amazing supportive Hubby ever! I am very lucky.  This year I will definably blog some of my baby trials and tribulations but don't worry im not going to be a full time mummy blogger describing every time the baby blinks lol.  I still love my make-up , reviews, fashion and more and will continue to have a varied blog.

Get my Driving test

I was practically ready to do my test last year.  A lot was going on at the time and then I got pregnant  didn't feel comfortable to continue.  A goal for 2017 is to get driving asap! I know it will give me more freedom to travel and make life easier with a little one.  So as soon as I give birth and get settled and into a bit of a routine .. let the driving lessons commence!

Travel Home

I haven't been home to Belfast since August.  It had been so strange not seeing my family for that long as I would of went home every couple of months.  I am really looking forward to getting home this year! We have provisionally booked a trip home in April to introduce baby to the family. That will in total be 8 months since I was last in Belfast so it will be such a good trip, no doubt an emotional one for me.  I do love living in London but the only downside is being away from family. So more trips home are defiantly on the cards for 2017.


Get to the Beach

Now when I say get to the Beach I don't mean a tropical island somewhere.  This year is going to be kept simple with babies arrival. We will get in trips home and aim for a holiday abroad next year. In saying that I need to get to a Beach this year! I miss living close to the water so much and living in London you miss the coast! So weather it is Southend - on - sea or Brighton, we will be making a trip this Summer! Bring on the Fish and chips!


Travel into London more

With pregnancy brought fatigue and the thought of getting the train and tube didn't really appeal after awhile.  This year I am really looking forward to getting some trips into London. Some mate dates are on the cards and of course shopping trips.  I also want to bring baby to London and have that experience. Im sure it will be hectic but it will be fun.  London is such an amazing City with so much to do, I feel lucky to live so close to it.


Try something new

Now when I say try something new I have no idea what that it yet.  I don't know if it will be some kind of hobby or interest (if I find the time) but I feel with every new year we all have great intentions of being different or trying something different.  One thing I really wanted to try last year was video editing, trying to do some Vlogs (video diary) or something. Maybe this year I will work on that! With the arrival of baby it would be nice to get some video keepsakes and be able to edit them.  So watch this space

Be Happy, Healthy and Positive

No matter what you have to have a few mantras on the go. I think my favourite of last year was Keep er lit.. a saying from back home really .. keep going! At the end of the day you are the only one who can control your mood or your outlook.  My health has been one of those tricky ones for a couple of years but you have to keep er lit .. stay positive and in the end you get there eventually.  I felt very blessed in 2016 to get pregnant. It has been one huge learning curve and an amazing experience.  So for 2017 I wish you all happiness, health and positivity for the New year and I hope you reach your own personal goals.  The year its what YOU make of it .. so make it a good one.


Lots of Love

Purple Poodle xx

Things that have helped me during pregnancy - Beauty, Technology, Accessories and More....


Pregnancy Acne - I have used simple moisturiser for as long as I can remember. If it ain't broke don't fix it was my motto, but when I got pregnant my skin changed a lot. I was breaking out in pregnancy acne and had major dry spots on my face.  My usual moisturiser was actually making it more irritable and I didn't know what to do.  I loved Lancôme products and had a consultation with one of the Lancôme reps.  She suggested I try Lancôme Hydra Zen.  This moisturiser was for stressed skin. Perfect for breakouts and dryness. I decided to try the rich version of it because I loved the texture and it didn't disappoint. My skin has improved so much. It really made my day and made me happy knowing that something was working and my skin wouldn't get worse.

Dry skin - As I explained above I was getting breakouts of dryness on my face.  A product I happen to try by chance was the No.7 Melting cleanser. Wow what a fantastic product.  It literally feels like silk when applying to the face and you feel so refreshed after.  This has really helped cleansing my face and making it softer.

Stretch marks

Yup my bump started to show pretty early and I had a couple of stretch marks from quick weight gain when I was on steroids in the past but I had a feeling with bump growing quickly I would get a couple more.  I had been using Palmers Stretch mark lotion but then changed to the oil. I usually find oils messy but this one was fab and it smells amazing.  I think it has helped. It keeps bump moisturised and stops any itching!

Aches and pains

Sleeping - Pretty much from the beginning of my pregnancy I started to use a small pregnancy pillow in between my legs when I was sleeping.  It was more comfortable. As bump started to grow it wasn't really working anymore so I then decided to invest in a full body pillow (which I have named Jeffery LOL) It has really helped, esp. with leg cramps and making sure bump is comfortable.  I literally cant sleep without it.

Information and Apps

Information is key! Never be afraid to ask questions.  I found throughout my pregnancy that if there is something different that day or random things you think about, it did no harm doing some research online and seeing that there were a lot of women out there feeling the same or thinking the same things.  With pregnancy being so new to me and my body changing so much it was good to research things that would help. I wasn't sure if there were any good apps out there that were pregnancy related and to be honest a few I downloaded weren't great. One app that I found really informative was an app called Pregnancy+.  You can put in your details like your due date etc. and it will update everyday with how far along you are, babies size, a daily blog (which every day pretty much has something relevant to what is going on at your stage of pregnancy), keep a check of your weight, has an appointment book and lots more. It really is a great daily app. If you are into technology like I am and love apps, this is one for you.

Midwifes and Antenatal Consultant

I am so lucky to have fantastic Midwifes.  So friendly, knowledgeable and kind.  My midwife appointments have been great. They give you that piece of mind and you keep your progress up to date.  I urge anyone who is pregnant to ask as many questions as you can.  Don't be afraid even if you think it is a stupid question, your midwife is there to help you.  I am also very lucky to have a team looking after baby and me for the duration of my pregnancy.  With my health condition they are going to keep an eye on me to make sure all goes well. I have to stop my Humira injections in the third trimester and of course this means my health condition could flare up so all of my consultants worked together to come up with a pregnancy plan.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of Love

Purple Poodle xx

Christmas 2016 in photographs


We had such a lovely Christmas.  It was a little different this year.  It was he first time we wouldn't be home to Belfast as I couldn't travel being so pregnant. We woke up in our own house and opened presents and then got ready to head down to Surrey to spend Christmas with our friends. It was such a lovely day.  Not only very relaxing but good craic.  We had a beautiful Christmas dinner, watched a good movie and played some games.. all the usual things you do on Christmas day. We also video chatted home lots so we could still feel apart of our families day. I thought I would show you our Christmas 2016 with some photographs below.....

Above: Christmas Décor

                                Above: Deano and Lola getting into the Christmas spirit lol


                      Above: Presents for bump                            Above: gift to Francis from Bump


                                                              Above: Christmas Presents

Above: One spoilt bump


Above: Video chatting home

                                                          Above: Epic Christmas dins

Above: Christmas dessert - Hummingbirds yummy!

2016 was an amazing year and here are just some memories of it below.  Really excited for 2017

Lots of  Love
Purple Poodle xx

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