A day in London.....

Watford Junction

Euston Station

I love London.  It is so vibrant, exciting and there is always something to do.  I'm also a train nerd so any excuse to jump on a train to Euston and then jump on the tube is pure bliss.  I was heading into London to meet my best friend Marty who is also from Belfast but lives and studies in London. We were meeting for a catch up, lunch and a visit to the Tate Modern. Being a Fine Art graduate the Tate is right up my street. I love to see Picasso, Dali and Delaney's work in the flesh (artists I studied and admired) and see what new contemporary art is being developed.  

Tate Modern

We met at Southwark station close to the Tate and went to Pret a Manger (my favourite lunch eatery) for lunch. I love this natural organic fast food chain. It is welcoming, amazing food, staff and very comfortable to sit in. `I got a ham, cheese and mustard toasting on wholegrain, a change from my usual Avocado and herb salad wrap.  I also got my favourite drink, grape and elderflower sparking water and some naked nuts.  Yum! We sat and chatted and caught up on our life and news of the week.  Even though we talk every day, (we could literally spend hours on the phone), we always have a lot to talk about lol.

Yummy Pret

Marty and Me

After lunch we walked along the Thames to go to the Tate Modern and chatted and took some pictures. It was a rather gloomy grey day in London but this dampen our mood.  There was a fresh breeze and it was lovely to walk around and get excited to go and get some art inspiration.

The Tate Modern never disappoints.  You find such a variety of fine, photo, sculptural, textile and mix media art. It was great to see a lot of new pieces since the last time I was there and to have a look around all the existing collections.  It is such a beautiful space.  We took are time walking around chatting about the pieces of art. Of course I checked out the gift shop! It was fab and I picked up a new book (insert book title) some postcard prints of art, a magnet, a pen and badge.


Robert Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay

Marker on cardboard.. Amazing

Gold leaf

Can you see me?


Video Installation

After the Tate we decided to walk to Waterloo station and take more pictures.  We walked past the ITV This Morning studios, I also took some pictures of the surrounding area. We both had to get two different tube lines home so Marty and I said goodbye and got the tube to the station home. Of course we chatted the whole way home on What's app lol 

The train home from Euston to Watford was quiet.  I was so lucky to sit and chill and enjoy this train journey home with music in my ears.. It was blissful.  I love looking out the window of the train and thinking of the fab day I just enjoyed and of course think of random things like what I had to do when I get home and plans for that week ahead.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Purple Poodle

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