Travelling to Belfast Part.1


Get always are good for the soul and getting home with Francis to Belfast for 6 days was blissful. Not only are we getting to go home to see family and friends but I got to celebrate my sisters birthday and Francis' cousin got married, so it was to be a fun filled few days.


Prep prep prep

The key to any good trip is to be well and truly prepped before you go.  Yes all that boring stuff.  For the last few days before leaving included housework , washing, going to the pet store and making sure the pets had everything they needed for there time away to the pet hotel.  Some people find this part annoying but I love it! Pulling the cases out of the wardrobe and creating little piles of items on the guest bed that needs to be packed is somewhat therapeutic for me. I love to get organised and then you know when your away, all is sorted.  The house is tidy and the pets are happy.  


We have a dog , Deano and a cat, Lola.  When going to the pet hotel I like to know that they have all the food and treats that they love and bits from home so they will be relaxed and spoiled.  We have been very lucky to find an amazing place that the animals love and when we pick them up they are always happy and settle back into home very easily.  It gives you peace of mind when you know you have to go away knowing that the furbabies are happy.





I used my matching suitcase set. I love them! They are robust and even have poodles on them, what more does a girl want! When packing I always write out a list or two and then tick it off as I go so I don't miss out on any items I might need.  This time because we are getting the boat home we were a little more generous with clothing choices and prob had to many outfits home but thought why not have options.  I also went this way with toiletries and beauty products.  As I know I will be out with family and have a wedding to go to, so I made sure that I brought everything I needed with me.





We booked the boat from Liverpool to Belfast this trip.  Having the new truck to drive to Liverpool, we knew this would be a comfortable and enjoyable trip. It didn't disappoint. There is nothing like going on an road trip with some epic rock tunes. With the journey to Liverpool only around 3 and a half hours it wasn't a bad drive.  We had one pit stop for breakfast and made the check in to the boat in perfect timing.

We booked a comfort class cabin which was fab with comfy beds, TV, fridge stocked with drinks, kettle, tea, coffee and biscuits, with your own en suite bathroom.  After having a very early start it was nice to have somewhere to have a nap and relax.  The sailing itself was amazing, the sea was calm, so smooth and relaxing.  Even though this was a long crossing the sailing actually flew in by the time we had a sleep, had some lunch, went for a walk around the boat , took some pictures and also got a few things in the duty free store.  We then went back to our cabin for a few hours and relaxed.  Francis watched some movies, while I watched TV and blogged.  It was great to have time to catch up on blogging and some Lightroom editing.





I am really looking forward to seeing family and spending some quality time with my mum and dad. Having some girlie fun for my sister's birthday on the Friday and going to the wedding on Saturday.. I was rather looking forward to getting all glammed up for the day in full vintage style! Below are just a couple of pictures from my time home...





Next travel post will include what I got up to in Belfast and the journey back to Watford. 

Thanks for reading


Purple Poodle xx

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