Things that have helped me during pregnancy - Beauty, Technology, Accessories and More....


Pregnancy Acne - I have used simple moisturiser for as long as I can remember. If it ain't broke don't fix it was my motto, but when I got pregnant my skin changed a lot. I was breaking out in pregnancy acne and had major dry spots on my face.  My usual moisturiser was actually making it more irritable and I didn't know what to do.  I loved Lancôme products and had a consultation with one of the Lancôme reps.  She suggested I try Lancôme Hydra Zen.  This moisturiser was for stressed skin. Perfect for breakouts and dryness. I decided to try the rich version of it because I loved the texture and it didn't disappoint. My skin has improved so much. It really made my day and made me happy knowing that something was working and my skin wouldn't get worse.

Dry skin - As I explained above I was getting breakouts of dryness on my face.  A product I happen to try by chance was the No.7 Melting cleanser. Wow what a fantastic product.  It literally feels like silk when applying to the face and you feel so refreshed after.  This has really helped cleansing my face and making it softer.

Stretch marks

Yup my bump started to show pretty early and I had a couple of stretch marks from quick weight gain when I was on steroids in the past but I had a feeling with bump growing quickly I would get a couple more.  I had been using Palmers Stretch mark lotion but then changed to the oil. I usually find oils messy but this one was fab and it smells amazing.  I think it has helped. It keeps bump moisturised and stops any itching!

Aches and pains

Sleeping - Pretty much from the beginning of my pregnancy I started to use a small pregnancy pillow in between my legs when I was sleeping.  It was more comfortable. As bump started to grow it wasn't really working anymore so I then decided to invest in a full body pillow (which I have named Jeffery LOL) It has really helped, esp. with leg cramps and making sure bump is comfortable.  I literally cant sleep without it.

Information and Apps

Information is key! Never be afraid to ask questions.  I found throughout my pregnancy that if there is something different that day or random things you think about, it did no harm doing some research online and seeing that there were a lot of women out there feeling the same or thinking the same things.  With pregnancy being so new to me and my body changing so much it was good to research things that would help. I wasn't sure if there were any good apps out there that were pregnancy related and to be honest a few I downloaded weren't great. One app that I found really informative was an app called Pregnancy+.  You can put in your details like your due date etc. and it will update everyday with how far along you are, babies size, a daily blog (which every day pretty much has something relevant to what is going on at your stage of pregnancy), keep a check of your weight, has an appointment book and lots more. It really is a great daily app. If you are into technology like I am and love apps, this is one for you.

Midwifes and Antenatal Consultant

I am so lucky to have fantastic Midwifes.  So friendly, knowledgeable and kind.  My midwife appointments have been great. They give you that piece of mind and you keep your progress up to date.  I urge anyone who is pregnant to ask as many questions as you can.  Don't be afraid even if you think it is a stupid question, your midwife is there to help you.  I am also very lucky to have a team looking after baby and me for the duration of my pregnancy.  With my health condition they are going to keep an eye on me to make sure all goes well. I have to stop my Humira injections in the third trimester and of course this means my health condition could flare up so all of my consultants worked together to come up with a pregnancy plan.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of Love

Purple Poodle xx

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