Christmas 2016 in photographs


We had such a lovely Christmas.  It was a little different this year.  It was he first time we wouldn't be home to Belfast as I couldn't travel being so pregnant. We woke up in our own house and opened presents and then got ready to head down to Surrey to spend Christmas with our friends. It was such a lovely day.  Not only very relaxing but good craic.  We had a beautiful Christmas dinner, watched a good movie and played some games.. all the usual things you do on Christmas day. We also video chatted home lots so we could still feel apart of our families day. I thought I would show you our Christmas 2016 with some photographs below.....

Above: Christmas Décor

                                Above: Deano and Lola getting into the Christmas spirit lol


                      Above: Presents for bump                            Above: gift to Francis from Bump


                                                              Above: Christmas Presents

Above: One spoilt bump


Above: Video chatting home

                                                          Above: Epic Christmas dins

Above: Christmas dessert - Hummingbirds yummy!

2016 was an amazing year and here are just some memories of it below.  Really excited for 2017

Lots of  Love
Purple Poodle xx

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