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KIKO Milano make-up stores have been popping up all over UK lately. A new store open up in Watford and I really couldn't wait to get into the store to try out their make-up products. The store itself was absolutely stunning, beautifully laid out, really bright and vibrant. When I went into the store they had a buy five items for £10. This seemed like too much of a bargain to pass up so I bought some products to give them a go. 


The first two products I lifted where the KIKO Milano metallic shine eyeshadows. The first metallic shine eyeshadow was number five they come in a little green box and when you open them they have a beautiful dark Brown metallic lid with the branding on top. This metallic shine eyeshadow in number five is a khaki green. The pigmentation in the shadows are unbelievable they really do feel like a luxury brand product very much like the Tom Ford eyeshadows that everyone is raving about at the moment this could definalty be a dupe. I was so impressed with the coverage in this eyeshadow. The next colour I purchased in the metallic shine was a number three, again beautifully packaged and this metallic eyeshadow is almost like a brown metallic. Again this eyeshadow is  really pigmented, can go such a long way.


The next two eyeshadows I got were 161 single eyeshadow this eyeshadow is almost like a pale blue matte finish and again super pigmented, really really beautiful. The next eyeshadow, another blue, slightly darker, is an infinity plus sparkle eyeshadow in 410 this eyeshadow is part of the clics System so this can actually go onto a magnetic pallette. I am definitely going to go back to purchase some of these eyeshadows and make up my own eyeshadow palette. This dark blue shimmer is so beautiful you can definitely build it up.


The next item I purchased was an automatic precision eyeliner, beautifully packaged, I purchased the 703 which is a blue dark blue liner it comes with a rollup eyeliner on one side and on the other side a rubber blender that you can blend out the liner. I really love this idea and it actually works really well.  I definitely want to buy more of these. 


So that was 5 for £10 but there are another couple of pieces I really liked so I just purchased these separately. They were two lip products. The first one is the unlimited lipgloss in the shade  21. This colour is a lovely deep plum. Even though this is a lipgloss it has a lovely consistency and when blended I can almost be like a lipstick/lipgloss crossover. It isn't too sticky has great pigmentation.  A product that is so easy to carry around in your handbag and  such good value for money. The last item was the pencil lipgloss. I got this pencil in number 14. It is a bright pink shimmer colour I can't believe you can actually get a lip gloss pencil! It is creamy but it definitely has not a sticky texture. It is super pigmented and has such a lovely sheen. Definitely something you can use as a liner, all over the lips or maybe as and over the top shimmer for a matte lipstick.


I am honestly so impressed with Kiko Milano Products.  You really get a luxury feel with these products not only in the packaging but in the products themselves.  Definalty some items can be dupes for other expensive makeup brand and I will be looking into this further and doing another blog post on this brand! I am so excited to but more products and do a make up look.

At the moment the current promotion is buy 3 get 3 free on selected items 
Yes I went back to the store to get some lipsticks. I purchased some of there Smart Lipsticks and also a red lip set with lipstick and lipliner you can see these in the pictures. I will be doing some makeup looks in another post!!


Watch this space!!!!!

Purple Poodle xx

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