Spitalfields Market, London.


What better way to spend a Sunday than heading into London for a spot of shopping. Francis and I decided to head to Spitalfields market. It is an amazing shopping experience with a real fresh, funky, vintage, quirky atmosphere. When we arrived and got the car parked,  we decided to go to Costa for a cup of tea as it was a rather cold day. After chilling and chatting we then decided to head to the market to have a look around. I really wanted to go to Collectif which is a vintage style alternative clothing store to look for possible outfit for an up-and-coming wedding in April. Before this we had a look around to see what was on sale that day, as Sunday is a great market with a mixture of everything... artwork, jewellery, clothing, homewares and lots more.

Spitalfields market is very diverse not only in the sellers and goods at the market but also the people that visit it. There are people of all ages and styles. There is a great vibe and atmosphere that you don't really get anywhere else. It is very relaxed and it is so lovely seeing people walking their dogs in the heart of London, looking just as stylish as there owners!

The first store that we went into was source. Source lifestyle is a fab homeware, clothing and accessories store. It is very bright, quirky and assessable.  The staff are so friendly and really helpful and I even picked up a lovely gift for a friend. You really feel that you have bought an one off item.  I would really recommend this store. 

The next store we went to was the London Tea exchange. We actually tried some teas outside that was on offer. The milky oolong was amazing so we had to go in and purchase some. My hubby Francis loves speciality teas, so this shop was right up his street. We also purchased some oolong ginseng and an Asian fruit tea. The store was  beautifully laid out, very symmetrical and it was a lovely shopping experience. The staff are very knowledgeable and it is a store we will definitely be back to.

We then went to collectif. I really wanted to find a new underskirt and a jacket or coat for an up-and-coming wedding in April.  I am going to do a separate blog post on this store and the amazing shopping experience I had.  Let's just say I got sorted for the wedding. I am so delighted and excited about my new outfit.

After this we then decided to grab some lunch. There are lots of amazing eateries all around Spitalfields market, including food from all over the world. We decided to go for some Italian meatballs, with a rocket salad that was so tasty. After lunch we had a look around the market at all the different retailers.  We came across some beautiful artwork, framed pictures, handmade pet goods and Francis was also looking out for a new leather bag for work.

Of course we tried on Hats, I looked at some quirky cushions and we came across an artist, Bagman and Robin, London. His work was so amazing we had to buy two prints.  We also came across framed photoshopped images and picked up two framed sets of Star Wars prints, The seller was cool and we chatted a lot and he gave us extra images to take home and frame.  I picked up a cute bandana for Deano our dog and a snuggle sack bed for Lola our cat at handmade petwear.  I would totally recommend Handmade Petwear if you are looking for a new coat for your dog as they are really well made and some lovely fabrics to choose from.  I had to get the furbabies a present lol.  We also got a stunning leather bag for Francis. It can hold his laptop and is a stylish leather messenger style.  You could say it was a very successful shopping day, so pleased and it was lovely to hang out together, look around and relax.

What better way to end the day than to get some take out Itsu Sushi.  We then headed back to the car and had a nice drive home.  The rest of Sunday was a chill day.  It was such a lovely Sunday. Sometimes it's nice to just do something different and spending the day with someone you love makes it even better.


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Links to stores mentioned :

Source Lifestyle

Bagman and Robin, London.


The London Tea Exchange

Handmade Petwear

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