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So it's another new year and I decided to make some changes to my wardrobe.  I just wanted some fresh looks that would work for the weather (cold and miserable mostly at the moment in London) but also for up and coming events. I firstly wanted a dress, that would suit my figure and something that was dressy/casual that I could accessorise for different occasions happening over the two months.

Firstly I was really craving a new coat! Although I am still totally in love with my pea coat in oversized fit in Grey/charcoal from ASOS that I got last Autumn, I really wanted something more fitted and dressy.



After having a look on ASOS again (my go to online fashion retailer!) I seen some fab choices but decided on a little bargain from the Brave Soul brand. A black belted jacket with Faux fur trim (which is removable).  The Jacket arrived without the belt, but I was going to remove it anyway as it was nicer I thought without. The coat was nice and fitted that you could wear and feel more dressed up, but still be toasty warm in the cold weather. I also ordered a Pull & Bear high neck swing dress in black.  It is so cute and comfortable and thought about going in all black to London Fashion Weekend, so this could be an option.


To go along with this look I really needed some new boots! I really was considering over the knee Kurt Geiger Pacific boots that were on sale, but unfortunately couldn't get them in my size. So as I was on the hunt for some new boots.. 3 times I went into office and kept looking at the same pair of Black riding boots.. They were so pretty and tall enough but not over the knee... In the end I went back and tried them on and they we're so nice! The first pair of boots I have worn from day one and the have been so comfortable and another bargain on sale half price.

I love stores like New Look and Primark. You can really pick up staple pieces at such good value for money.  In New Look they also had some lovely swing dresses and I bought a burgundy/red high neck long sleeve. I feel this style of dress really suits my body shape. I also got a grey check pinafore style dress and a high neck black top for underneath for a day look. I bought some accessories, a lovely long pendant style necklace and an grey owl Pom Pom for my black leather bag. In Primark I got a Star Wars Jumper. Just a black Jumper with the Star Wars logo on the front.  I got this for lounging around in.  It's oversized and so cosy and just wanted something quirky. I also got some Star Wars pyjamas. They were so cute and with a funny slogan who could resist.




I love looking at Selfridges website. It is beautifully designed and very user friendly.  While shopping though the sales I came across a Kurt Geiger Sequins micro London leather tote.  It was so pretty. At first when I seen it I thought it would be a nice statement piece for London Fashion Weekend, but when it arrived and I thought about everything I would want to bring along it really is far too small! But it will be a fab bag for going out in the evening for dinner when all you really need to bring with you is lipstick, house key and a coin purse. Love it.

The bag I ended up getting for London Fashion weekend is a Kurt Geiger Carvela Green Croc lock pocket bag.  I am so happy with this purchase. It is a great size and I will be able to have my full purse, make up, canon camera and any other bits I need with me.  It has a double strap for over the arm and a cross body strap also. I got this bag on shoeaholics website and got this at half price! A Fantastic online retailer for discounted designer shoes and accessories. Worth a look!


I would say that these are the most prominent purchase the last two months.  I think I am most defiantly a fan of Kurt Geiger.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog


Purple Poodle

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