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I am a make up fanatic and have some new and exciting products to show you.  I got a little spoiled this Christmas with some beauty products I really wanted .  Here are a few items and my thoughts on each product.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette

The first item I really wanted and received as a Christmas gift was the Urban Decay Vice 4 eyeshadow palette.  I had been looking for a new eye palette and came across this before Christmas.  I thought it was exciting and edgy looking from the packaging to the actual eyeshadow colours themselves.  I thought that it was a reasonable price for a large size palette including 20 shades of smooth mattes, shimmering metallics and shades laced with micro-glitter. The packaging went above and beyond, including a zipped pouch for the palette. Also included in the palette is a double-ended Shadow and Crease Brush. I am in love with this product. The eyeshadow are so pigmented and long lasting and think it is worth every penny! A must buy! 

Dior holiday couture collection nude palette eyes and lips 

I seen this item on the John Lewis website when I was having a look at make up gift sets before Christmas and it really caught my eye.  I immediately put it into my wish list! I love the 3 eye shadow combination of an all over colour, base and crease colour to build and open the eye with lovely nude tones. The eye shadows are a good size, with a lovely design on top.  They are so pigmented and just have a luxurious feel to them. The lips palette includes a Dior addict lip maximiser and a stunning rouge Dior lipstick. 

As you can see in the pictures it comes in a stunning zipped case with the Christian Dior logo on the front. In the box it includes a handy guide to show you how to place the eyeshadows on the eye for maximum effect and a little info on the lip palette.  I was so impressed with this nude palette.  It is classic and timeless...I just wish it would last forever!

Dior nail lacquer

Another find on the John Lewis website! I love shimmer nail varnished.  I find they always are easy to apply and give a lovely look for an evening out.  I seen this gorgeous gold shimmer shade an needed it have it!  I thought the packaging, even though it was only a small box, was high end and classic.  The big surprise was when I took the nail lacquer out of the box.. Wow... Just stunning! 

The bottle was just something else and the nail lacquer didn't disappoint. I wore it over Christmas and new year and got some lovely compliments.  This is a must have. If you have a function or a special occasion coming up I recommend you treat yourself to this amazing product.

Estée Lauder Christmas gift box set 

Above are just some of the pieces out of the Christmas gift set case (excluding the foundation and single eyeshadow) .  This was a fabulous product that covered all basis from eyes to lips to skincare.  Two pieces i really wanted to focus on are the Eye and blush palette pure colour envy sculpting eyeshadows and the Limited edition all over shimmer! 

I used the eye and blush palette all over the Christmas break! I totally fell in love with these fabulous eye colours. There were pigmented, long lasting and ranged from shimmers to matte eyeshadows. As you can see in the picture below the eye palette ranged from light shimmer to beige, brown, grey and black.  This range of colours were great to create a lovely look for over the festive period that went with a lot of different outfits.

The Limited Edition all over shimmer was stunning.  Beautifully packaged in a gold compact , this shimmer was an amazing cheek contour. Only a little amount was needed on your brush and it worked in really nicely giving a good contour to the cheeks with an added shimmer which looked great over the Christmas holidays.  I would say this will come in handy for nights out and special occasions. 

These are just a couple of items i was so impressed with.. hope you like this blog and will catch up with you soon for beauty essentials , clothing hauls and more ......


Purple Poodle 

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