Zsl Whipsnade zoo - Great day out for all

The Zsl Whipsndae zoo is such a good day out.  I have to say it was so lovely to see the animals so content with lots of space and in amazing condition. I ventured to the zoo a couple of times this year once in April with Francis , his sister Megan and Dad, William. In July we went with Francis Cousin David , his two sons David and Frankie, their mum Kiera and Francis' Cousin Sarah and fiancé Mat.  It was a convoy to the zoo and so much fun having the kids there. I have to say it was worth every penny.

Above: Trip to zoo in April

The zsl whipsnade zoo is quite big and open so on a cool day you defiantly need a decent coat, as you are up quite high and the zoo has vast open space that can be quite windy. The range of animals is fantastic and the layout is great.  You can choose to drive around the zoo (which we did) or you can park and take the free bus around.  There is even a steam train you can take around part of the zoo.  It is also very child friendly with an enclosed farm and huge playground area.

Above: Trip to zoo in July

One of the first Animals you view are the Lynx.  The are so beautiful and graceful. The Brown bears are one of my favourite animals and we were lucky they were up and awake to get a good picture. The Lemurs are such cute animals to watch running about with their offspring.  The penguin enclosure is amazing. They have a couple of varieties and the enclosure is situated quite high up, so not only is it great to see the penguins waddling about and swimming but the view is stunning.

If you are lucky enough to be at the penguin enclosure at the right time when you come out you might see the elephants out on their daily elephant walk.  The get walked from there enclosure right up to the top of the zoo to an huge open space and after a while get walked back.  It was an amazing experience to see these animal so close up and so relaxed.


The chimpanzee enclosure is great fun, they have indoor space with lots of play areas, and a huge outdoor space that has a waterfall with climbing frames. 

Of course the only way to picnic is with some amazing home made subs and some pinot!! (from April visit) I would really recommend this amazing zoo! Great for young and old with lots to see and I haven't even included photos of all the animals we seen. 

Lots of love

Purple Poodle

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